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Contrast Music Videos

Testify (Video)

Testify Video Thumbnail

Released: July 2009

Dare (Video)

Dare Video Thumbnail

Released: Oct 2010

Contrast Music Releases

Antidote (Album)

Contrast - Antidote (Album Cover)

Released: May 2009

Antidote (Demo)

Contrast - Antidote demo

Released: Oct 2007

Preparations (Demo)

Contrast - preperations demo

Released: Nov 2005

The devistation files (Demo)

contrast devistation files demo

Released: Nov 2003

Contrast on Compilations

deCODEr V2.0

Contrast - on Compilation Album decoderv20

Released: Oct 2004

10 Years DJ X-X-X

Contrast - on Compilation Album 10 years DJ cybercase.

Released: Aug 2004

Contrast Remixes

Clan of Xymox - Emily (Remix)

Contrast - Emily Remix clan of xymox

Released: July 2009

Consumer Junk - Pushed (Remix)

Contrast - Pushed Remix of consumer junk

Released: March 2015

Schwarzblut - Sterbelied (Remix)

Contrast - Sterbelied remix for Schwartzblut

Released: March 2010

Schwarzblut - An den todesengel (Remix)

Contrast - An den Totenengen for Schwartzblut

Released: March 2012

About Contrast

Contrast is Patrick van Alphen (Synths, Programming, Vocals, Guitar) and René Jongeneelen (Synths, Programming). Based in Amsterdam, Patrick started Contrast in 2004 together with Richard Heyne (Vocals). After two years, Richard left the band and René joined Patrick. Patrick and René had previously worked together in the gothic rock band Malochia.

Although they identify with the many subgenres within the broad palette of gothic, new wave, electro and industrial, the band leans strongly towards dark wave infused electro.

In 2009 they released the cd "Antidote" on Pandaimonium Records. The album was number 1 on the "Dutch alternative album charts" for 8 weeks. Linked from the album, the song "Follow the Leaders" appeared on the complilations "DeCODEr" (curated by Suicide Commando) and "10 years DJ -X-X-X". The song also peaked at place 6 of the "Dutch Underground Charts" and entered place 25 of the "Music Non Stop Charts" (Palm Springs, USA).

Supporting bands like Kirlian Camera, Hocico, Cruxshadows, Covenant and Faith and the Muse proved the songs successful for a big live audience. At live shows they were accompanied successively by Miss MyKey (Synths) and Sharon (Synths, Violin).


Since 1987, René Jongeneelen is contributing to the music scene. Starting as a drummer for various wave bands, he quickly became a driving force behind the scenes as well. René has left his mark as a musician (Drums, Synths, Programming), producer, (live) sound engineer and dj.

René contributed for Malochia live shows (Drums) and was (founding) member of Dissident Copies (Programming) and Cruelty Alliance (Synths). He was active as a DJ for gothic dance parties in Amsterdam and provided live sound for Götterdämmerung, Jesus Complex, Boudoir and Clan of Xymox, among others.

As a mixer/producer he worked for various bands, including Zwarte Poëzie and Bragolin. For the latter he was co-producer of the underground hit song Into Those Woods and engineered remixes for Clan of Xymox and She Past Away.


Patrick van Alphen is a versatile artist who has made his mark on the music scene since 1986. He's been involved in punk, gothic, and wave music, showcasing his skills as a composer, singer, synth and sample programmer and guitarist. One of his notable achievements was with the gothic band Malochia, where he wrote and composed the music that led to a (German) record deal and the release of the well-received album "Dreamhunter" and EP "Shiver" in 1998.

After studying music at the pre-conservatory and at the SAE in Amsterdam, Patrick has been involved in various projects, including composing for TV commercials and art videos. He's also performed with Malochia at major festivals like the Wave Gotik Treffen in (Germany) and Eurorock in (Belgium) Noorderslag (The Netherlands).

Patrick's talent has seen him share the stage with big names such as Rammstein, Project Pitchfork and Christian Death, both as a headline act and a supporting artist. Additionally, Patrick filled in on keyboards for Clan of Xymox on occasion.

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